My letter to President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Dear Mr. President, I turn to you for help on behalf of a community of 7022 persons from different countries. We are all participants in the American Diversity Visa Lottery. We all are winners of DV2020. In mid-September 2020, a few weeks before the end of the fiscal year, the embassies resumed interviewing and issuing visas, and we managed to get our immigrant visas. Most of these visas expire in March 2021, on different days, but no later than March 30. Visas that were not used to enter the United States before the end of the indicated period become expired and cannot be prolonged or reissued. On January 1, afternoon, interrupting his vacation, Mr. D.Trump has extended the proclamation 10014 until March 31, 2021. Meaning one day longer than the date of expiry of the last visa issued in September. It is worth noting that although Mr. D.Trump had previously expressed a desire to fully cancel the DV lottery, he could not perform such changes himself at his legislative level. By issuing the above mentioned proclamation and its continuous renewal, he has achieved the de facto cancellation of the 2020 lottery.
Mr. President, we kindly ask you to cancel PP10014 as soon as possible, in order to give legal immigrants with visas the opportunity not to lose their chance, which is given once in a lifetime!