Fleeing from the war in 2014, we left our homes in Luhansk…

My name is KOSTIANTYN and I have spouse IANA, daughters SOFIIA and recently born KAROLINA. We are currently live in KAMENECH-PODOLSKY, UKRAINE.

I was selected in the DV-2020 program and we are received immigration visas in 09/17/2020. The Kyiv embassy received my case from KCC on 02/12/2020. I was scheduled for an interview on March 25, 2020. With a pregnant wife (first trimester) and a daughter of 2 and a half years old, we arrived in Kyiv by train. On March 11, we passed the med exam and returned by train to our city. A few days later, rail transportation in the country was stopped. Even later on social networks, people reported that interviews were canceled and sent letters or the status on the CEAC website changed from ready to refused. On 03/15/2020, I wrote a letter to the embassy to inquire about my interview. On 03/16/2020, I received a letter from the Kyiv Embassy that from 03/14/2020 all scheduled interviews were canceled, and on 03/17/2020 I received a reply to the letter saying that my interview personally was canceled along with others. On 09/05/2020 and 09/10/2020 I wrote to the embassy with a request to schedule an interview, and on 09/11/2020 I received a letter with a proposal to choose a new date for the interview. I chose 09/17/2020, then signed up for a medical examination on 09/14/2020. We again went by train to Kyiv with my pregnant wife (32 weeks pregnant) and our daughter who 3 years and 2 months old. After successfully completing the interview on 09/18/2020, I took passports with visas.

Fleeing from the war in 2014, we left our homes in Luhansk and moved to the safe territory of our country. We lost a lot by leaving only with documents and things for a few days. After a few years, we realized that it would never be possible to return home and we began to take part in the visa lottery. In 2020, we were selected and did everything in our power to be invited for an interview. Our first child, born in 2017, almost died in the hospital at birth. Doctors used vacuum extraction of the fetus when the heart rate was already 2 beats per minute. We really wanted to have more children, but we were afraid. Winning the lottery with a small case number gave us hope that we could have a baby in the USA, where the level of medicine is much better than in Ukraine. When the interview was scheduled for us, we were already mentally preparing to live in America and safely give a birth to a baby. We managed to proceed with a med exam and it cost us about $650, excluding travel around the country and living in the capital. This may be very little money for the United States, but not more than $200 a month can be earned in our region, especially for those who are in the status of a forced migrant. We were very upset when the interview was canceled, but we hoped that the pandemic would end soon and we would be in time for a new interview. When the president introduced the first 60-day restrictions, we hoped that by the end of the fiscal year we could get this interview. The extension of the proclamation to the end of the calendar year completely destroyed all our hopes. We fell into a deep depression, which we experienced all this time in ourselves. All our plans and dreams for a new life and the birth of a child in America were destroyed. When we recently had the opportunity to undergo a medical examination and interview again, we immediately agreed and were very happy. The new expenses of $650 for a medical examination and $990 for an interview for our family were significant, but we got visas! Because of the proclamation, we do not have time to give birth to a child in the United States and we will have to do it here.

The fear of losing the opportunity to come to America before the visa expiration date is very frustrating and deeply depressed us again on the eve of the upcoming birth.